Discover How You Can Multiply Your Fan pages Reach by 4 Times, without spending a dime on ads, only by using Content Marketing in 2019!

If You've Only Focused On Spending Money With Facebook Ads You NEED To Pay Very Close Attention.

Everything in one place to Plan, Automate and Scale up your niche pages!

ReachMultiply is 100% Facebook approved app (march 2019)

  • 1Create Campaign schedules
  • Create well planned campaign schedules to extract the most traffic from Facebook to your websites

  • 2Curate engaging content using research tools
  • Schedule a months worth of well researched content for all pages

  • 3Save time and improve reach
  • Scheduled campaigns saves you tons of time. Each Campaign multiplies your page reach

Dear Facebook marketer,

Making fan pages is easy, but most pages are in life support.

Just like you know all too well in Google, CONTENT IS KING of Facebook as well.

That's why it's so hard to get your money-making posts reach your fans newsfeed.

Facebook wants to be this way so it can sell ads to run your promos and not via organic reach. Organic reach is meant for engaging content. This also prevents the low quality fan pages getting free exposure in their fans news feeds.

To achieve real long term Facebook success you need a proven "Content marketing" blueprint that works over and over in any niche and for any type of fan pages.

Regular content curators help finding content. But its a pain when it comes to scheduling them in the most effective way so it improves your post reach. Its only waste of your time and money when your content is not amplified to your fans in an effective way

More posts = More reach.

Simple and True. BUT most people don’t get that the posts need to be properly sequenced on the best performing times. If you dump posts randomly without planning and proper scheduling it will only impact your pages negatively

100 posts randomly scheduled on a fan page for a week VS 100 posts scheduled at the best performing times like 11 am, 5pm, 8pm spread across a month..

Which one do you think will do better. Research shows the second category does well. That’s why ReachMultiply was created to improve your scheduling without getting overwhelmed by the number of posts

You need a NEW type of "Content marketing" for your fan pages and the CAMPAIGN strategy used by ReachMultiply simply WORKS:

  • Create link, image, video, text and custom link campaigns
  • Post to your pages in the best performing times of the day
  • Maximize the reach of your "money" posts
  • Build your list and siphon leads off of your fan pages

Multiply the power of scheduling with "Campaign Sequencing"

Does this sound familiar?

I have no time to create content for all my fan pages. I wish I could have a research tool that simplifies my life

I want to spend less time managing all my fan pages

I need to cut the outsourcing costs of running the fan pages

My clients need a better solution to manage their fan pages, improve fan base, engagement and get better ROI

You need an end to end system that creates, automates, and tracks your page posts performance

Create Campaign schedules

Curate engaging content using research tools

Save time and improve reach

ReachMultiply Allows you to:

  • Create Campaigns for streamlined post Scheduling
  • Research and create highly engaging content that gets likes and shared
  • Schedule months worth of original content for all your fan pages
  • Manage feeds and content for each and every fan page you manage
  • Find share worthy content using keywords
  • Get upto date trending topics and news posts
  • Create professional looking image posts
  • Calendar to visually present the posts for every fan page
  • Notification system to effectively manage your post campaigns

So YOU Can Start Seeing Results Like This:

How Marketers, online entrepreneurs, and offline consultants can leverage the software:


Start creating unique content for your fan pages to drive more customers to your offers

FB ad buyers:

Create highly engaging and click pulling posts that increase virality and brings down your ad costs

Niche Fan page owners:

Create months' worth content for all your niche fan pages within minutes without scraping other fan pages and being taken down by Facebook

Offline Marketers:

Offer fan page management services. Manage all your clients fan pages and cut down outsourcing costs

The software features were created after countless hours of research based on teachings from top Facebook marketers

1. Campaign Module

  • Create custom and easy to manage posting schedule using campaigns
  • Five types of campaigns - link campaign, image campaign, video campaign, text campaign and custom post campaign
  • Link campaign includes content discovery tootles Google news search using keywords, niche and trending content library
  • RSS feed section to add edit feeds and manage for each of your fan pages
  • Image campaign includes Tumblr search using keywords, GIF image search and trending GIF image feeds, Image editor and upload tools
  • Video campaign includes YouTube search using keywords, trending videos and "my channel" for adding your own channels list

2. Most Awesome Image Editor

  • Create engaging social images that gets shared
  • Add text, backgrounds, crop and other image filter tools
  • Flexible free hand drawing tool
  • In build public domain images search feature
  • Library of ready to use viral image templates and backgrounds
  • Huge list of premium fonts for the images
  • Add quotes and facts to the images from the library
  • Hundreds of preset ready to use images objects

3. Calendar Module

  • Visual calendar view for all your pages and posts
  • Weekly view of all the posts published and scheduled
  • Easy to manage your posting schedule

4. Custom Posts Module

  • Create separate campaigns for your custom posts
  • Your most important content like links to your products, squeeze page or your offer details etc
  • Completely customize your custom post thumbnail images, title and description
  • Easily manage your custom posts so they get maximum reach without drowning into other content
  • Run a holiday or seasonal promotion using custom campaign

5. Notification Module

  • Get Notified on the campaign completion
  • Get Alerts when scheduled posts are completed
  • Manage Campaigns without missing to post on any day

6. Post Now Module

  • Major New feature added in 2019 which enables you to make simple posts and schedule posts even if you don’t have an active campaign
  • Post and schedule to multiple pages at once
  • Save posts for recurring usage

A Quick rundown of the most important features of ReachMultiply

1. Create and manage link, image, video, text and custom content campaigns

2. Built in RSS feed reader to group feeds for each of your fan pages

3. Content library for 15 evergreen niche specific content, and keyword relevant news topics

4. Search blog posts, articles and Google news using keywords

5. Calendar View to visually view and manage all your fan pages and posts

6. Powerful image editor section to create image posts. Image editor tools like crop, rotate, blur and add various filter effects

7. Image Background library for all popular image posts like quotes, memes and viral image templates

8. Search Images from Tumblr using keywords

9. Get latest trending GIF Images and search GIF images using keywords

10. Download and Save images to your local computer

11. Video posts module to create video post types. Search videos using keywords

12. Also add your own YouTube channels, and select videos from trending channels

13. Recent post Summary - View your recent post summary to plan your posts

14. customize your links so to get maximum clicks from your fans

15. Email notifications about your content campaign status

16. Post now module added 2019 Post to multiple fan pages at once

17. Save posts Save posts for recurring usage and reduce research time

and many more...

Some of the Testimonials from our Previous Works

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ReachMultiply Unlimited Agency - one time pay

** Unlimited Personal and Clients fan pages **

** Unlimited Campaigns allowed **

** 20 sub user/team member/VA accounts **

** All Future Updates included **

** 24/7 Helpdesk, Email and Skype Support **

** No contract cancel anytime **

(one time payment option)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Works in PC and MAC?

ReachMultiply is a web based app. It works on both Windows and Mac

Is ReachMultiply Facebook approved?

ReachMultiply is 100% FB approved. After cleaning up its app marketplace only quality apps like ReachMultiply are now allowed by FB.

Do I need to manually set up appid/app secret of my own

No manual set up needed. Since ReachMultiply is approved by FB you can login and authenticate the app and get going immediately.

Are there any OTO/upgrades?

No OTO/upgrades or upsells, you can instantly log into members area and access the software.

Are the updates Free?

All future updates are free and released automatically, no hassles.

Any Refund Guarantee?

There is a 30 days money back guarantee

Support desk?

You can create support ticket via

How to share my Testimonial?

If you love the software and would like to feature your testimonial, please send an email to

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